What is AtlaPROfilax?

Clinical research has established the fact that the first cervical vertebra is more or less MALROTATED from birth, in almost all humans. Trauma, like home accidents, slips and falls, car accidents and whiplash, and any other sports or work injuries can push the atlas in an even worse position and, therefore, be the cause of many health problems.

 AtlaPROfilax uses a patented tool that delivers a CONTROLLED VIBRATION to the small muscles that sit at the base of the skull, the suboccipital muscles. The vibration on the muscle activates, exhausts, and then RESETS the muscles, allowing the ATLAS to SHIFT into it’s perfect, optimal position without damage.

 Once the atlas is seated correctly, it will not shift back; this is typically a permanent, life-long adjustment.

AtlasPROfilax is Non-Invasive. No needles, or X-rays or any other invasive procedures. No Medication. Completely Safe for Any Age and Most Conditions. There are no contraindications for AtlaPROfilax treatments. There is no cracking or adjusting of the bone itself. The vibration allows muscles to relax and when they reset, the atlas will be in a perfect, non-malrotated position.


AtlasPROfilax® is a SAFE, ONE-TIME treatment that RESETS your ATLAS back into the OPTIMAL position.

How does your Atlas affect your posture?

Rene Schumperlii, the founder of the AtlasPROfilax method maintained that most humans have a malrotated atlas or more technically a minor intervertebral dysfunction (MID) of the atlas.

For every inch of Forward Head Posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” (Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol. 3). This study also showed that the AtlasPROfilax Method is effective for correcting this MID Minor Intervertebral Dysfunction.

It has been observed that following the AtlasPROfilax treatment postural changes occur immediately and furthermore changes continue to occur for at least a few years. This corrective movement begins to reverse the displacement of the center of gravity of the skull and spine. The spinal column tends to return to its natural axis, which allows discs to recover their natural elasticity coefficient.

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What is the difference between AtlasPROfilax®
and other atlas treatments or therapies?

Since muscles and fascia play the major part in realigning the atlas, it’s logic that any therapy or method neglecting these impacts is not capable of either realigning the first cervical vertebra, nor doing so permanently.

AtlasPROfilax® is the original method to realign the atlas and correct its position in a sustainable way by means of a neuromuscular massage of the short neck muscles. No additional treatment of muscles before the treatment is required either.

It is indicated to apply it to children as early as possible to prevent problems and allow them to grow up healthy and develop in the most optimum way. Since the human body is able to heal itself thanks to the Atlasprofilax method this is used primarily as a preventative measure. Rene-Claudius Schumperli developed this method to get the atlas into a stable position, both gently and permanently.

For more information see our worldwide website for AtlasProfilax.ch

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AtlasPROfilax® is a safe, effective, normally one-time application and does not pose any health risk, there are no contraindications.

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